Keeping up with All developments
Online Platform

Stock trading (local & foreign) and Futures trading now are just a few clicks away! All you require is a web browser as well as internet access and you’re ready to go!

Key Features:
i. Personalised Dashboard - See your portfolio performance through a glance and relevant news
ii. Notification Alerts - We are committed to not let you go out of sight on your stock investments update
iii. Accessibility to your e-statement & e-contract - Have a quick and easy access to your account to see your overall portfolio performance.
iv. Intelligent Tools - We have Morningstar for you to invest smarter!

Personalised Research Reports

You will receive research reports that are personalised for you, through e-mails and notifications

Webinars / Market Outlook / Conferences

We ensure that you will get notified first on our happenings. Visit our event page to find out more!

Dealer / Remisier System

With our Dealer/Remisier Customer Relationship Management system, we strive to give you our best service!