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Online Platform

Stock trading (local & foreign) and Futures trading now are just a few clicks away! All you require is a web browser as well as internet access and you’re ready to go!

Key Features:
i. Personalised Dashboard - See your portfolio performance through a glance and relevant news
ii. Notification Alerts - We are committed to not let you go out of sight on your stock investments update
iii. Accessibility to your e-statement & e-contract - Have a quick and easy access to your account to see your overall portfolio performance.
iv. Intelligent Tools - We have Morningstar for you to invest smarter!

Online FPX Deposit Facility

Let us help you to navigate your way through the Malaysian Capital Market seamlessly with our Online FPX Deposit Facility

  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Real-time

Now you can catch investment opportunities in the market with Affin Hwang Capital

*Applicable for Cash Management Account (CMA) clients only
Personalised Research Reports

You will receive research reports that are personalised for you, through e-mails and notifications

Webinars / Market Outlook / Conferences

We ensure that you will get notified first on our happenings. Visit our event page to find out more!

Dealer / Remisier System

With our Dealer/Remisier Customer Relationship Management system, we strive to give you our best service!