Securities Borrowing & Lending (SBL)

Monetise Your Long Term Holdings

SBL is a transaction that happens when a lender lends securities to a borrower for an agreed fee. A SBL can be recalled at any time - the fees are calculated on a daily basis and will be paid monthly. This is an excellent way to make your investment work a little harder for you with minimal risk.

Securing Your Safer Financial Path Together

Monetise your portfolio by lending out your securities
Optimise your investment with incremental returns earned from lending out your securities
Retain all entitlements
Lending fees are accrued daily and paid on a monthly basis on your loaned securities
No restriction and free to sell your loaned securities by sending a recall notice
Applicable to RSS/SBL securities approved by Bursa Malaysia
CDS Transfer fees of RM10.00 are applicable
No commitment as participation can be discontinued by you